Corrosion Resistant Enclosures

Steeline Enclosure Solutions designs, engineers and manufactures standard and custom electrical enclosures for industries and applications of all types. Our high-quality electrical enclosures come in different varieties based on the equipment they are designed to protect and the environments the boxes are designed to endure. In this article, we’ll discuss what corrosion is, which environments […]

Type 12 “SJB” Junction Boxes

The SJB junction box series is rated as a Type 12 enclosure. The Continuous Hinge “SJB” Junction Box Type 12 offers seamlessly welded corners, external screw clamps that are quick, strong, and easy to operate, external mounting feet, and weld nuts that provide different internal mounting options. The “SJB” Junction Box is intended for electrical […]

Foam in Place Gasket Sealing Meets and Exceeds NEMA Standards

Are you looking for NEMA certified enclosures? For applications that call for effective, energy-efficient cooling and heating, Steeline offers customers the option of climate control accessories made by Pfannenberg USA—a leading provider of thermal management solutions for electronic enclosures, as well as NEMA certified products that will perfectly fit the needs of your project no matter the […]

Steel Enclosures to Exact Specs

Enclosures that are built to house important electronics should be measured accordingly and should be NEMA approved. Although this is not a required standard, it is an overall recognized industry standard, and lucky for you, that’s the standard we follow. Steeline offers an extensive selection of standard, pre-engineered enclosure platforms that can be cost-effectively modified to accommodate requirements of many […]

What Enclosures Are Most Commonly Used For

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) developed rating standards for electrical enclosures. Each rating has different specifications, but all of them are designed to help protect electrical components, personnel, environments, and the property in question, safe. It is a system of measurement, more than anything. But, NEMA standards are high. The NEMA mark is a trademark of the National […]

NEMA Electrical Enclosures

While the NEMA website provides a general description of enclosure types, for a complete description of enclosures, including test requirements, you will need the NEMA 250 standard. First, a Quick Note: NEMA does not manufacture or sell enclosures. NEMA standards are voluntary. NEMA neither tests products nor certifies that a product complies with a given NEMA standard. Enclosures […]

NEMA Enclosure Industry Standard, Enclosures Built Right

So, you know what type of enclosure you need now, right? In our previous articles, we’ve discussed the importance of NEMA standards, how to choose the right enclosure, and the different types of applications that call for steel enclosures. Steeline’s engineering and design team helps customers design and build custom enclosure solutions to deliver the performance […]

Meet Inspection Standards with Steeline

There are certain standards that must be met when building steel enclosures for different industries. With our custom modification program, we are able to engineer enclosures to exact and specific standards depending on the application and blueprints. The activities that are generally considered to fall under conformity assessment are testing, surveillance, inspection, auditing, certification, registration, and accreditation. […]

What is a NEMA Certification?

What is a NEMA Certification? This is asked a lot, so we wanted to give some clarification. While the NEMA website provides a general description of enclosure types, for a complete description of enclosures, including test requirements, you will need the NEMA 250 standard. There are no standard sizes for NEMA enclosures. The NEMA 250 […]

Enclosures for Electrical Equipment

Steeline Enlcosure Solutions’ success is due largely impart to our attention to detail and guarantee of quality for each enclosure we make. We follow NEMA standards as general and high standard to our entire product line. NEMA requirements are explained in further detail, below. A standard of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association defines a product, […]