Climate Control for Electrical Enclosures

It’s no secret that electrical enclosure climate control is required for some industries. Whether you are battling the warm summer months or battening down the hatches for a winter blizzard, some electrical enclosures need to be climate controlled. Internal components inside an electrical enclosure function best at specified temperature ranges. Because of this, if internal components are not controlled, overheating or freezing can occur within the steel enclosure. Extreme temperatures will drastically reduce the lifespan of the equipment that lies inside a steel enclosure.

At Steeline Enclosure Solutions, we offer a multitude of climate control options for electrical enclosures. If you are looking for a solution for applications that call for effective, energy-efficient cooling and heating, look no further than Steeline Enclosures.

Climate Control Options For Steel Enclosures


Our customers have relied on our expertise and fabrication skills for more than fifteen years, trusting us to keep the delicate equipment within our steel enclosure walls safe. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Steeline produces standard, modified standard, and custom-designed steel enclosures that meet and exceed specifications for countless applications, including, and most notably, those that require climate control.

Climate control steel enclosures from Steeline are perfect for the food industry, energy, textiles, wastewater, and even golf courses. Our in-house team of engineers and fabricators are highly-qualified in creating electrical enclosure solutions to fit the needs of all of our clients.

Modified Standard Enclosures

Do you need a climate controlled steel enclosure fast? Steeline Enclosures can reduce the turnaround time on the factory floor by using our Modified Standard Enclosure program. The program is an involved process that allows you to select a standard enclosure product and your own modifications, i.e., specific cutouts, holes, paint specifications, and more.

Steeline aims to offer a wide variety of climate control steel enclosures, but, if our products do not suit your specific application, Steeline is happy to custom fabricate a steel enclosure that suits the needs of your project.

Contact Steeline Enclosures today and let us help you design the steel enclosure that will perfectly fit the job.