Custom Metal Enclosures

April 20, 2017 | Category: Climate Control Enclosures, Custom Enclosures

Custom Metal EnclosuresDoes the environment in which your enclosure resides need to have climate control capabilities? First, let’s start with where your steel enclosures will be going.

Our enclosures are used in many industries, including: automotive, utilities, building automation, process controls, Homeland Security, food and beverage, pulp and paper, printing and publishing, energy, communications, textiles, wastewater treatment, the petrochemical industry and more.

Steeline Enclosure Solutions can design and build a custom enclosure solution to meet your specific needs and specifications. For specialized control systems that may involve harsh environments, special ergonomic considerations, or other unique specifications, our engineers are the key to achieving the precise match of form, fit, and function for your enclosure needs.

Custom metal enclosures are our specialty. Is it hot during the day and cool at night? Will the panel be exposed to harsh, sub-zero weather? Will there be periods of ongoing heavy rain? How sensitive are the controls within the enclosure? Where will the enclosure be mounted? The specialists at Steeline Enclosures take all this and more into consideration before building your custom steel enclosure and will work with you to assure that we manufacture a steel enclosure that will perfectly fit your needs.

Contact Steeline Enclosure Solutions today to discuss your steel enclosure needs from standard to custom.