Foam in Place Gaskets for Enclosure Security

August 17, 2017 | Category: Foam in Place Gasket, Gaskets

Steeline Enclosure Solutions is proud to announce the use of its new foam-in-place gasket.

We hope you enjoy this brief video depicting the process!

What is a Foam in Place Gasket?

Liquid gasketing is a growing trend that is not only a cost-effective way to replace molded, die cut and other types of gaskets in automotive and other applications, but adds an extra line of defensive to ensure the safety of your electronics within your steel enclosure. One or two-component materials, including urethanes, elastomers and silicones, are used to form a strong seal that prevents leaking, drips, and seepage, all while keeping the outside environment from encroaching on the system and the elements within. Foam-in-place gasketing is generally accomplished with a two-component silicone or polyurethane, but there are other ways to accomplish the same seal as well.

Foam-in-place gasket (thixotropic) is a two component modified polyurethane resin that serves as the ultimate gasket for various enclosures, including UL Type 12, 4, and 4X.

We believe that this gasket provides a superior resilience, excellent compression recovery, and is UL approved. It has a superior adhesion to many kinds of substrate, and with no seams or joints to leak, our products have a continuous bead that provides fantastic enclosure coverage.

This unique resource allows us to apply the precision of a foam-in-gasket machine to the individual requirements of our clients, meeting the exact specifications on time, every time, with the quality advantages that customers of Steeline Enclosures have come to expect.