Food & Beverage Electrical Enclosures Texas

Steeline Enclosures has been an industry-leading manufacturer of electrical enclosures, specializing in NEMA-rated enclosures for the food and beverage industry in Texas and the surrounding areas. We have built a reputation in the last few decades for providing food and beverage industry customers with custom solutions at standard-model and custom-model budgets.

Let us create the perfect, custom enclosure

Our electrical enclosures provide corrosion-resistant designs fabricated from materials that can be easily sanitized and sterilized, making our food and beverage enclosures some of the safest on the market today, and the cleanest!

Our advanced designs and cutting-edge manufacturing processes enable our staff to efficiently and economically fabricate an enclosure that meets your food and beverage enclosure requirements. Whether you need a custom solution or a standard model, we are committed to meeting the fast turnarounds and cost-savings you need, coupled with the quality and the high performance and high turn-around you’d expect from Steeline Enclosure solutions.


From breweries to commercial bakeries, food trucks and gourmet kitchen set-ups, wineries, dairies and meat processors, Steeline Enclosures has built custom enclosures and provided standard enclosures, for a variety of different food and beverage companies across the board.

Steeline’s electrical enclosure and climate control technologies offer the right combination of module space , scale, cleanlisness and toughness, to help food and beverage processors keep their food fresh and safe.

Like many industries, the food and beverage industry rapidly changes – whether it be in health codes or featured meals, labor, energy and raw material costs are rising, competition and regulations are tightening, mergers and acquisitions are expanding and markets are diversifying into almost intangible groups that can hardly be categorized.

Contact Steeline Enclosures today for help in choosing and designing a steel enclosure for your food or beverage industry needs.