Meet Inspection Standards with Steeline

December 30, 2017 | Category: Inspection Standards, NEMA

There are certain standards that must be met when building steel enclosures for different industries. With our custom modification program, we are able to engineer enclosures to exact and specific standards depending on the application and blueprints.

The activities that are generally considered to fall under conformity assessment are testing, surveillance, inspection, auditing, certification, registration, and accreditation. There are various standards that apply to each of these activities.

It is NEMA’s belief that standards play a vital part in the design, production, and distribution of products destined for both national and international commerce, and Steeline Enclosure is no different.

Sound technical standards benefit the user, as well as the manufacturer, by improving safety, bringing about economies in product, eliminating misunderstandings between manufacturer and purchaser, and assisting the purchaser in selecting and obtaining the proper product for his particular need. So, while following NEMA standards are optional, following such a standard with measurable specifications is something we truly believe in.


We want our customers to know that we are following a high manufacture standard, as well as certification standard, so you know exactly what you’re getting, and when you’re getting it.

Our talented team of welders craft enclosures that fit every industry. Not only are we trusted, but we’re dedicated. We will not rest until you get the right product to your exact specifications.

Why are NEMA Standards Important?

A standard of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association defines a product, process, or procedure with reference to one or more of the following:

  • Nomenclature
  • Composition
  • Construction
  • Dimensions
  • Tolerances
  • Safety
  • Operating characteristics
  • Performance
  • Ratings
  • Testing
  • The service for which it is designed