NEMA Electrical Enclosures

March 1, 2018 | Category: Custom Enclosures, NEMA

While the NEMA website provides a general description of enclosure types, for a complete
description of enclosures, including test requirements, you will need the NEMA 250


First, a Quick Note: NEMA does not manufacture or sell enclosures.

NEMA standards are voluntary. NEMA neither tests products nor certifies that a product complies with a given NEMA standard. Enclosures that meet the requirements for more than one type of rating can be identified by a combination of type numbers – the smaller number being given first. The designation may include a combination of indoor, outdoor, hazardous location, and non-hazardous location ratings if they apply to the enclosure in question.

It is a system of measurement, more than anything. But, NEMA standards are high. The NEMA mark is a trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its trade association services and publications, and it is used solely in connection with designating the National Electrical Manufacturers Association as the source of collateral for those goods and services, it isn’t a certification or conformity assessment mark.

Steeline Enclosures Solutions’ success is due largely impart to our attention to detail and guarantee of quality for each enclosure we make. We follow NEMA standards as general and high standard to our entire product line. It is NEMA’s belief that standards play a vital part in the design, production, and distribution of products destined for both national and international commerce, and we have adopted the same standards.

Steeline Enclosure Solutions focusses on designing and manufacturing high-quality electrical control enclosures that are used in a wide series of industries in the U.S., and even abroad. Steeline designs and fabricates our own steel enclosures for leading, original equipment manufacturers, for a broad range of industries and environments, rated NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 12 or 13. Our enclosure selection offers a wide variety of electrical enclosures to help with wiring and applications of all types. Gas cables, electrical wiring, telecommunications cables, and even electrical equipment that must be protected on golf courses and football fields, can be customized to fit your exact electrical enclosure needs.

Steeline Enclosures carries:

Which NEMA Electrical Enclosure are you looking for? Do you need one set to a specific standard? Don’t hesitate! Call Steeline Enclosures today and let us help you. We will design enclosures that will meet specific needs through our Custom Modification Program.