Steeline “SM-Series” Floor Mount Enclosures

Product Description

Can be used for indoor or outdoor applications that require corrosion protection from chemicals and water. Steeline “SM-Series” Floor Mount Enclosures provide protection where equipment is located in a very wet environment, or outside and exposed to water or weathering. Use “SM-Series” Floor Mount enclosures in applications that are either indoor or outdoor and that are frequently exposed to liquids or contaminants.

The “SM-Series” Floor Mount Enclosoure was made with a #4, stainless steel brushed finish, carbon Steel housing and doors (304-316L), ANSI 61 gray powder paint, a powder paint over phosphate surface, and optional mounting panel.

Steeline “SM-Series” Floor Mount Configuration:

  • Single or Double door UL Type 4 and 4X
  • Disconnect and Non-Disconnect Enclosures available (Non-Disconnect available in UL Type 4X Stainless Steel only)
  • 12ga Steel Mounting Panel (Optional Stainless MPL)
  • Padlock Die-cast Zink Handle, Steel Handle or 316L Stainless Handle
  • Body Stiffener for added support
  • Print pocket included
  • Removable center post
  • 12” Floorstand leg kit welded to enclosure

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Steeline “SM-Series” Floor Mount Enclosures

12 gauge Carbon and/or Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
304 Stainless Steel
316L Stainless Steel

Disconnect Configuration:
Mechanical interlock on master door
Operator adaptors may be used to fit most disconnect
operators in universal cutouts on flange

Optional MPL (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum)
Window Kits
Climate Control options (Fans and Louvers or A/C)
Dead Front Kits
Lighting Kits

Modification Service:
Optional modifications per customer specification