Reliable Hot Water Heater Enclosures

Do you have an exposed hot water heater?

Commonly, people like to have their water heater placed outdoors, this is especially true for manufactured or mobile homes which are usually constrained on space.


Because water heaters are so expensive, many people choose to protect their water heater by covering it using a steel enclosure that will fight against the weather, animals, and passerby. When chosen properly, these enclosures do also improve the overall appearance of your home or business.

How Big is Your Water Heater?

When you are deciding on a water heater enclosure, you must consider the size of the water heater.

How Do I Check?

Measure how many gallons your water heater can actually handle at one time.



The material of your enclosure should be steel. You must choose an enclosure that is rust and rot resistant. The most  used is stainless steel which is not only durable and sturdy, but is also easy and safe to work with.

Safe, Secure, but Easily Accessible

Where are you installing your steel enclosure? in a place that’s safe and secure but also readily available. Like any other mechanical machine, the water heater is bound to fail or malfunction from one time to the other. In the event that you must access your heater, you should be able to easily get to the heater and perform repairs.

Contact Steeline Enclosures today and let us help you a build a custom enclosure that will suit your hot water needs.