Sizing Your Enclosure

February 9, 2018 | Category: Custom Enclosures, Sizing, Stainless Steel Enclosure

Our customers rely on us for our engineering expertise and attention to quality. We are valued and create strong, long lasting relationships with our clients because they recognize our dependability, speed, flexibility and cost management options.


Steeline was founded in 2000 in Dallas, Texas, and began designing and manufacturing steel enclosures to UL508UL 50 and CSA requirements in a plant that includes 57,500 square feet completely dedicated to metal fabrication. We manufacture wall mount, floor mount, freestanding, and human/machine interface enclosures—as well as climate-controlled units—that protect electrical control equipment under many conditions.

NEMA, first

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) defines standards used in North America for various grades of electrical enclosures typically used in industrial applications. Each is rated to protect against personal access to hazardous parts, and additional type-dependent designated environmental conditions. A typical NEMA enclosure might be rated to provide protection against environmental hazards such as water, dust, oil or coolant or atmospheres containing corrosive agents such as acetylene or gasoline. A full list of NEMA enclosure types is available from the NEMA website.

All of Steeline Enclosure products and steel enclosures are built to NEMA standard. By clicking one of the above links you will find a detailed list of what types of NEMA enclosures are available, and that Steeline Enclosures will custom build any sort of enclosure that you need specific to your exact requirements, no matter what kind of application your intended use.


Define LxWxH – first.

Not only will you need to measure and ensure the correct measurements, but you will also need to know the length, height, and width with all components within are mounted on a back panel. By doing this you have solved for the minimum internal dimensions of the enclosure. You can size now for any assumed heat dissipation that may occur within the enclosure. This is a major factor and should be considered as extremely important. Check that both external and internal dimensions are measured properly.


Our enclosures are at work in the automotive industry, utilities, building automation, process controls and automation in factories. They house x-ray machines at borders for Homeland Security and are widely used in the food and beverage industry, pulp and paper, printing and publishing, energy, communications, textiles, wastewater treatment and the petrochemical industry.

If you are looking for a steel enclosure to fit the needs of your business, we service all industries. Call us today and let us help you find the steel enclosure that suits your needs.

 For more information about our standard design platforms or the Steeline Modification and Design Program, see our catalog or contact a member of our sales team.