Specializing in Type 4 and 4x Push Button Enclosures

Steeline’s Type 4 and 4X enclosures are designed to keep equipment and personnel safe in settings that are either indoor or outdoor. These push button electrical enclosures are well-suited for wet or damp environments, or environments that are susceptible to dust, dirt, or debris. These types of push button enclosures provide excellent corrosion resistance without the need for reinforcement or surface treatment.

We strive in a creative environment, and for this reason, we happy build and fabricate steel enclosure per YOUR own specifications. Are you not seeing what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. Our expert team of steel fabricators are happy to build you the type of enclosure that fits your needs perfectly. Type 4 and 4x are very common and are used for a variety of different applications, and we are positive that we can build the enclosure that will suit your needs to the T.


With steel enclosures, the uses and applications are endless. For Type 4 and 4X enclosures, we see them mainly used in food and beverage settings such as restaurants and bars, or in areas where frequent washing or splashing is involved. These types of enclosures can withstand corrosive properties found in food, coupling this with the hygienic qualities of stainless steel makes Steeline Enclosures Type 4 and Type 4X enclosures the best choice for housing food and drink machinery controls and electronics.

No matter the usage, stainless steel enclosures are known for their ability to protect and resist corrosive and non-corrosive materials from indoor and outdoor debris. Their lifespan is longer than any enclosure on the market today and makes for a great investment.

Types of 4 & 4X Steeline Enclosures Offered:

  1. Steeline Continuous Hinge “SJB” Junction Box Type 4/4X 
  2. Steeline Continuous Hinge “SJB” Junction Box Type 4/4X w/ Quarter-Turn Latch  
  3. Steeline “SW” Series Single and Double Door Type 4/4X Wall Mount Enclosure Quarter-Turn Latch  
  4. Steeline “S-Series” Single and Double Door Type 4X Wall Mount Enclosure  
  5. Steeline “S-Series” Single Door Aluminum Type 4X Wall Mount Enclosure 
  6. Steeline “S-Series” Single Door FMD Type 4 & 4X Wall Mount Enclosure 
  7. Steeline “SM-Series” Floor Mount Type 4 & 4X Disconnect Enclosure 
  8. Steeline “SM-Series” Floor Mount Type 4 & 4X Non-Disconnect Enclosure 
  9. Steeline “SS-Series” Free Standing Type 4 & 4X Disconnect Enclosure 
  10. Steeline “SS-Series” Free Standing Type 4 & 4X Non-Disconnect Enclosure 
  11. Steeline “SPB” Push Button Enclosure Type 4 & 4X 

So, what is your intended usage? Steeline Enclosures can also custom engineer steel enclosures for your intended purpose. Contact Steeline Enclosures today.