Steel Enclosures to Exact Specs

March 19, 2018 | Category: CE Marks, Custom Enclosures, NEMA

Enclosures that are built to house important electronics should be measured accordingly and should be NEMA approved. Although this is not a required standard, it is an overall recognized industry standard, and lucky for you, that’s the standard we follow.

Steeline offers an extensive selection of standard, pre-engineered enclosure platforms that can be cost-effectively modified to accommodate requirements of many applications. But for specialized control systems that may involve harsh environments, special ergonomic considerations or other unique specifications, our engineers are the key to achieving the precise match of form, fit and function for your enclosure needs.

Before designing an enclosure for a control system, Steeline’s engineers work with our customers to define all project requirements and gain a clear understanding of the application and its environment. As a result, our engineers find the most effective enclosure solution for each job, because we get to know you and your needs. Steeline Enclosures is a trusted manufacturer of stainless steel enclosures, Steeline Enclosures have set the standard for custom steel manufacturing for decades. All of our custom steel enclosures are created to exact specifications per order, per client. Are you looking for NEMA certified enclosures? For applications that call for effective, energy-efficient cooling and heating, Steeline offers customers the option of climate control accessories made by Pfannenberg USA—a leading provider of thermal management solutions for electronic enclosures, as well as NEMA certified products that will perfectly fit the needs of your project no matter the application.

Pfannenberg’s thermal management products include UL Type 12 fans and louvers, 3R fan and louver shrouds, thermostats, hydrostats, heaters with thermostats, UL Type 12, 3R, 4, and 4X air conditioners and air to water heat exchangers.

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Because Steeline Enclosures has been manufacturing electrical enclosures, cabinets, box sources, and more, our range of custom enclosures and Steeline enclosure products help us to offer a huge array of products, stock or custom. High-quality custom enclosures are our specialty, so why not order from the experts? Our turnaround time is unmatched by the competition, and our customer service team is always around to answer questions.

Do you have a custom steel enclosure project you want our help with? Call us. It’s our thing.