October 30, 2017 | Category: Custom Enclosures, Double Door Latch Enclosure

SM-series-flange-mount-disconnect.pngNot intended for highly corrosive environments. The Steeline “S-Series” Wall Mount enclosures are intended for both indoor and outdoor uses, but primarily offer strong protection against basic dust, water, oil and non-corrosive liquids. The “S-Series” Wall Mount’s seams are continuously welded and grounded down smooth.

The “S-Series” Wall Mount enclosure was made with carbon steel housing and doors, ANSI 61 gray textured paint, and an optional mounting panel.


“S-Series” Wall Mount Enclosure Configuration:


  • Single door Type 12, 13 and 4
  • Double door Type 12, 13, and 4
  • External screw clamps


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The “S-Series” Single and Double Door Type 4 Wall Mount Enclosure was made with a #4, stainless steel brushed finish, carbon steel housing and doors (304-316L), ANSI 61 gray powder paint, a powder paint over phosphate surface, and optional mounting panel.