UL 508, UL 50, and CSA Requirements

Do you need a steel enclosure that will meet the UL 508, UL 50, and CSA Requirements? We can help you out. Whether you are building a new home, office, or business, or maybe planning to remodel over the summer months, if there’s a huge change coming that is causing you to need an electrical enclosure to house various outside wires and components away from the weather or other exposure worries, then a custom enclosure from Steeline Enclosures may be the best answer for you.

Electrical boxes hold switches and electronics, ensuring that all within are safe from the elements and work like new when removed. No matter what your enclosure needs, if you need a custom steel enclosure in Texas, Steeline Enclosures are the people to call.

So what’s the difference between the UL 508, 50, and CSA Requirements? They’re just standards that most enclosures and cabinets follow (if they don’t, they should!) to ensure that certain criteria and safety measures were met. While they are not required, they are industry trusted, and we make our enclosures according to these universal enclosure standards, we believe it’s the only way to hold the industry and ourselves accountable.

We can make the right custom enclosure to fit your needs, let us show you what we do!