What is a NEMA Certification?

December 14, 2017 | Category: NEMA, Steel Enclosure

What is a NEMA Certification?

This is asked a lot, so we wanted to give some clarification.

While the NEMA website provides a general description of enclosure types, for a complete
description of enclosures, including test requirements, you will need the NEMA 250

There are no standard sizes for NEMA enclosures. The NEMA 250 standard provides construction and test requirements, but each manufacturer designs their own enclosure.

First things first: NEMA does not manufacture or sell enclosures.

NEMA standards are voluntary. NEMA neither tests products nor certifies that a product complies with a given NEMA standard.

A manufacturer, like Steeline Enclosures, can choose to self-certify that the product meets the requirements of NEMA 250 or seek independent third-party verification (testing) that the product complies with the NEMA standard.

NEMA is not affiliated with testing laboratories, nor does it provide labeling. Everyone is permitted to identify self-certified products as NEMA 4, or NEMA 3R, etc. to signify a particular classification of product both on the product and within literature.

It is a system of measurement, more than anything. But, NEMA standards are high. The NEMA mark is a trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its trade association services and publications, and it is used solely in connection with designating the National Electrical Manufacturers Association as the source of collateral for those goods and services, it isn’t a certification or conformity assessment mark.

Enclosures that meet the requirements for more than one type of rating can be identified by a combination of type numbers – the smaller number being given first. The designation may include a combination of indoor, outdoor, hazardous location, and non-hazardous location ratings if they apply to the enclosure in question.

In using the NEMA standards as a system of measurement, we have a point of reference to explain to our clients the type of enclosures we offer and what they will protect against by subjecting our enclosures to the elements, applying proper testing, and using the NEMA ratings and certifications as proof.

For example: NEMA 250 test requirements state that all outdoor enclosures are subject to 600 hours of salt spray and compared to G90 galvanized sheet steel. Type 4X enclosures are subject to 200 hours of salt spray and compared to American Iron and Steel Institute type 304 stainless steel.

We do this to ensure our customers that the product they are buying can truly be trusted.

Do you have a question about our custom modification program, or do you have a specific enclosure need? Whichever you are looking for, contact Steeline Enclosures today and let us help you find the right enclosure for your exact application.