A Cost-Effective Industrial Enclosure Solution

December 23, 2017 | Category: Aluminum Enclosoure, Climate Control Enclosures

Steeline Enclosure Solutions offers customers hundreds of standard industrial enclosure designs—including 915 new sizes—that meet and exceed the requirements for a wide range of applications.


The Modification and Design Program saves customers time and money as we modify a standard design platform to suit an application’s requirements, in any of the following ways:

• Special enclosure dimensions
• Special paint colors or finish
• Cutouts and holes in body, door or mounting panel
• Special mounting panels
• Materials, such as 304 or 316L stainless steel or aluminum to meet demanding environments
• Increased environmental ratings: Type 13R1213, 4 and 4X
• Installation of lighting kits, doorstops and other accessories
• Installation of climate controls by Pfannenberg
• Window kits
• Electromagnetic or radio frequency interference shielding (carbon, stainless steel or aluminum)

Steeline’s engineering and design team helps customers design and build custom enclosure solutions to deliver the performance needed for specialized applications.

Before designing an enclosure for a control system, Steeline’s engineers work with customers to define all project requirements and gain a clear understanding of the application and its environment. As a result, our engineers find the most effective enclosure solution for each job.

Steeline offers an extensive selection of standard, pre-engineered enclosure platforms that can be cost-effectively modified to accommodate requirements of many applications. But for specialized control systems that may involve harsh environments, special ergonomic considerations or other unique specifications, our engineers are the key to achieving the precise match of form, fit and function for your enclosure needs.

Steeline was founded in 2000 in Dallas, Texas, and began designing and manufacturing steel enclosures to UL508UL 50 and CSA requirements in a plant that includes 57,500 square feet completely dedicated to metal fabrication. We manufacture wall mount, floor mount, freestanding, and human/machine interface enclosures—as well as climate-controlled units—that protect electrical control equipment under many conditions.