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    UL Type 4 & 4X Mild Steel, Aluminum, 304 Stainless Steel, or 316L Stainless Steel Continuous hinge – Clamp Cover or 3- Point latch with Handle Wall Mount or FMD Wallmount Enclosure

    SW Series

    UL Type 4 & 4X Mild Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, or 316L Stainless Steel Concealed hinge – Quarter turn latch or 3- Point latch with Handle Wall Mount Enclosure

    SM Series

    The SM-Series floor mount enclosure mild steel/powder painted ANSI 61 Grey,304 stainless steel, or 316L stainless steel continuous hinge – 3-point latch with hanith and without flange mount disconnect cutout includes leg stand kit.

    SS Series

    UL Type 4 & 4X Mild Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, or 316L Stainless Steel Continuous hinge – 3- Point latch with Handle Freestanding or Freestanding with FMD Enclosure

    Value Added

    Design and build a custom enclosure solution to meet your needs and specifications. We offer special materials, dimensions, human interface, cutouts, holes, and paint with increased environmental ratings from Types 1 to 4X

    Mechanical and Electronical – the SDC Series

    Desktop Concoles SDC Series was intended for mechanical and electronic machinery stationed indoors that may be exposed to dust, dirt, oil, harmful contaminants and other liquids.


    The SDC-Series was made with a #4, stainless steel brushed finish, carbon Steel housing and doors (304-316L), ANSI 61 gray powder paint, a powder paint over phosphate surface, and optional mounting panel.

    Enclosure bodies and covers are 14 gauge carbon steel External mounting bracket Captive, plated cover Screws in cover.

    NEMA Type 12 rated enclosures are intended mainly for indoor industrial, manufacturing, and machining applications.

    Desktop Concoles SDC Series Nema Type 12 steel enclosures will protect against dust, dirt, and dripping non-corrosive liquids, oil and lubricants. Steeline Enclosures produces a number of enclosure types in stainless steel, delivered quickly, to your exact specifications, at competitive prices.


    NEMA 12 Characteristics:

    • Primarily for industrial indoor use
    • Protection against dust, falling dirt, fibers and lint
    • Protection from dripping water and other noncorrosive liquids
    • Resistant to damage from external condensation of noncorrosive liquids
    • Doors with oil-resistant gaskets
    • Available with pre-punched holes, cutouts, lift-off hinges, insulation, latches or locks

    Constructed (without knockouts) for indoor use, type 12 Nema-rated containers provide a degree of protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts. Gasketed doors seal the enclosure’s contents from airborne contaminants and non-pressurized water and oil.

    *The SDC Type 12 Desktop Series was also recommended for access systems without computer management capability.

    Contact a Steeline Enclosures team member to learn more about the SDC Series Desktop Concoles product line and how we can modify the configuration for your needs.

    *Our team of experts are available to review and customize enclosure solutions to match your specific needs. If you do not see a system that filts your requirements, CONTACT US for a custom engineered system.