Double Door Latch Stainless Steel Enclosures

Custom electrical enclosures are critical to a variety of different industries. At Steeline Enclosures, we custom build steel enclosures that meet global industry standards for local and national customers, no matter the trade.

Our industry-leading enclosure solutions and enclosure line offer products for all areas. One of our most popular steel enclosure models features a double door hinge that operates much like an elbow hinge, but with added benefits.

Floor Mount Double Door Type 4x

There are quite a few benefits to a double door latch and hinge for steel enclosures. These types of enclosures can house a variety of different equipment and offer many different uses.


The most common use we see the double door latch and hinge steel enclosures used is in the food and beverage industry. As electronics may frequently be exposed to wash downs, liquids and food debris, a Floor Mount Double Door Type 4x enclosure can be modified to meet the exact specifications to meet the needs of your application.

Type 4x enclosures can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, but are normally put to use in environments that are exposed to water or liquids regularly. Not only are double door floor mount enclosures hypoallergenic, but they are built to last. And further, the added benefits of using a double door latch allow you to close the enclosure in any order, removing the need to reach inside the enclosure to release any sort of elbow latch or other locking mechanisms. A single lock is required for these types of enclosures, but the enclosure will protect your equipment and electronics against dust, dirt, oil and in high-pressure environments.

Choosing the Right Enclosure

Do you know what you’re looking for? Floor mount double door enclosures with double door latches and double door hinges are mainly used for electronic controls, computers, and electronic instrumentation systems. What is the application?

If you have questions regarding a steel enclosure or need a recommendation as to what direction and enclosure will best suit your needs, give Steeline Enclosures a call.