NEMA Enclosure Industry Standard, Enclosures Built Right

February 7, 2018 | Category: NEMA, Stainless Steel Enclosure

So, you know what type of enclosure you need now, right?

In our previous articles, we’ve discussed the importance of NEMA standards, how to choose the right enclosure, and the different types of applications that call for steel enclosures. Steeline’s engineering and design team helps customers design and build custom enclosure solutions to deliver the performance needed for specialized applications, and we’ve been doing business with many different types of contractors, home builders, and DIYers for years.


Customized solutions designed by Steeline enclosures cover a wide variety of different avenues, and each enclosure is built to NEMA standard, ensuring that the enclosure will be made with the right and exact materials specifically for demanding environments. Each of our enclosures is built with enhanced environmental ratings: Type 13R12134, and 4X (NEMA standard) and will come equipped with special dimensions to match application and space requirements. We will apply our EMI/RFI capabilities as well as special human interface additions to specific applications.

In many cases, the above options may be accomplished through Steeline’s cost-effective Modification and Design Program through which Steeline can modify our standard, pre-engineered design platforms, to fit the needs and specific design standards, measurements, and requirements to any application. Steeline Enclosure Solutions offers customers hundreds of standard industrial enclosure designs—including 915 new sizes—that meet and exceed the requirements for a wide range of applications.
For applications with unique features and requirements that can’t be satisfied with a standard enclosure—yet don’t require a custom engineered design—Steeline offers a cost-effective, quick-turnaround solution … our Modification and Design Program.
Knowing the basic requirements for your enclosure, there are a few final steps that must be taken into consideration before making the final decision on your steel enclosure.

What kind of surface are you mounting the enclosure on?

Do you need any specific modifications? Size requirements?


It’s extremely important to ensure that the surface you are mounting the steel enclosure (if mounting and not a freestanding enclosure) can hold the weight of itself. It’s an obvious mess if it cannot. Accessories can be considered anything from mount kits, hole plugs, lighting, and door locking hardware – to literally anything in between. Check your boxes. TIP* Sourcing materials for your steel enclosure from the same manufacturer will ensure that all parts are the same and fit standard, rather than sourcing and manipulating parts to fit your application.


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