Specialized Custom Enclosure Solutions

May 23, 2018 | Category: Custom Enclosures

Steeline Enclosures is Dallas’s specialized custom enclosure solution. We have helped so many customers get the perfect custom enclosure for their electrical and cabinet needs, that we’re sure that we are the right solution for your steel enclosure needs as well, no question.

Steeline Enclosures are experienced in a wide range of industries, our engineers create first-class solutions, designed to UL508UL 50 and CSA requirements, and our customers’ exact specifications—in every project, no matter the application or industry, Steeline Enclosures delivers. We ensure 100% satisfaction.

Steeline Enclosure Solutions offers a select set of standard industrial product designs to meet the demands of our customers in Texas and across the US. We offer a selection of standard product designs to meet and exceed a wide range of applications. These standard product platforms form the base design of our Modified Standard Enclosure program.

What kind of specialized enclosure solution are you looking for? Do you need help with shape, sizing? What application will it be used for? Let us help you pick the right specialized enclosure to solve your electrical problem.