Stainless Steel Enclosures for Any Use  

Steeline Enclosures is a leading designer and manufacturer of enclosures that will fit a variety of different applications. From corrosive to non-corrosive materials, electrical equipment that may be facing the elements, or even sprinkler systems, Steeline Enclosures creates custom steel enclosures that are designed to protect a full range of unique materials.

Steeline Enclosures custom designs Junction Boxes, Wall Mount Enclosures, Floor Mount Enclosures, Freestanding Enclosures, and more. Our enclosures have been designed for the automotive industry, utilities and electrical equipment, building automation, process controls, X-Ray machines and even homeland security.

Stainless Steel Enclosures

Different types of enclosures include:

  1. Type 4 Enclosure: Enclosures that are Type 4 are constructed to be used either indoors or outdoors, and are intended to protect employees and personnel from hazardous parts and materials. These enclosures provide protection of the equipment within the enclosure against dirt, dust, and debris and will protect your internal mechanism in the heat.
  2. Type 4X Enclosure: Enclosures that have Type 4X clearance are constructed to protect equipment and personnel against access to hazardous parts similar to the protection provided by Type 4 enclosures, but is built with an additional level of protection against corrosion where the equipment within will be undamaged by external weathering, intense or mild. Type 4x steel enclosures will protect equipment from water (rain, sleet, snow, hoses, sprinklers, splashing water), and the equipment inside will remain undamaged by the external formation of ice on the enclosure.
  3. Type 12 Enclosure: Enclosures that are Type 12 are intended for internal use. The enclosure protects personnel from hazardous materials within and provides protection of the equipment inside the enclosure from dirt, dust, lint, fibers, debris and dripping or splashing water.
  4. Type 13 Enclosure: These types of enclosures are built for indoor use. Type 13 enclosures protect equipment against falling dirt, circulating dust, lint, fibers, dripping water, light splashing water, and against a certain degree of spraying, splashing, seepage, oil and non-corrosive coolants.

Steeline Enclosure Solutions specializes in designing and manufacturing controls that will fit the wide range of uses, applications and industries. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, our customers have consistently relied on us for our engineering expertise and attention to detail and quality.

No matter what the application, Steeline Enclosures will be able to fit your enclosure needs either through a standard engineered enclosure or custom engineered enclosure. Contact us today.