Utilizing a Foam in Place Gasket for Custom Steel Enclosures

February 14, 2018 | Category: Foam in Place Gasket

Foam in place gasket sealing. This is typically used in the automotive, manufacturer, construction, appliance, and electronic industries.

Steeline Enclosures utilizes a new foam-in-place gasket machine to create trustworthy custom steel enclosures that will fit the needs of any application you throw at it.


As a designer and manufacturer of enclosures for electrical control panels, Steeline offers OEMs and our other customers a full range of high-quality products—from a comprehensive selection of standard enclosures to custom industrial enclosures designed for specialized applications.

We engineer enclosures to deliver reliable performance in a full range of settings and pride ourselves on the work we do for what our customers here in Texas.

Foam-in-place gaskets automate gasketing and sealing a system to save on energy cost, efficiency, and workload.

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Are you protecting components from rain, salt water, dust or wind storms? No matter what the weather or application, they will all point to a NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) or IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) rating.

Foam-in-place gasketing and sealing is an adhesive dispensing equipment system that works for a wide variety of different industries and applications.

Foam-in-place gasket (thixotropic) is a two component modified polyurethane resin that serves as the ultimate gasket for various enclosures, including UL Type 12, 4, and 4X.

We believe that this gasket provides a superior resilience, excellent compression recovery, and is UL approved.

This unique resource allows us to apply the precision of a foam-in-gasket machine to the individual requirements of our clients, meeting the exact specifications on time, every time, with the quality advantages that customers of Steeline Enclosures have come to expect.

If you are looking for personal or commercial custom steel enclosures, contact Steeline Enclosures today.